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Personal information protection policy

Hotel Laonzena handles personal information of our guests as utmost confidential and protects the information of our guest, we commit to keep the personal information policies as follows;

1. Method and range of collection of personal information
(1) Hotel Laonzena collects personal information legitimately and fairly, for example, phone calling and online electronic format and etc.
- Essential information: Name (real name), contacts and Email address which are requested upon reservation
(2) The personal information collected are limited to the minimum information required for service , and we do not collect the sensitive information which might infringe the basic human rights (race, religion, ideology, birth place, permanent address, political view, criminal record, health status and etc.)
2. Objectives of collection and use of personal information
(1) Hotel Laonzena utilizes the collected personal information, regardless of the collection methods, to develop more useful services for customers.
(2) The objectives of Hotel Laonzena for collecting the personal information are as follows;

▶ Classification / Information to be collected / Objective
▶ Essential information: Name, mobile phone No. and Email address
a. Acquiring the communications channel for notices, confirming customer’s opinion, complaint handling and etc
b. Marketing/promotion/advertisement/sales of products and services; Incentive event and promotional events for customers, event information
c. Analyzing customer information & utilizing the analyzed information statistically
3. Duration of keeping and using the personal information
(1) Hotel Laonzena processes and keeps the personal information within the terms defined in the law or agreed at the collection.
(2) Hotel Laonzena uses the retained personal information only for keeping and the duration of retention is as follows:
a. Records on inquiries, reservations and cancellations - Reason for retention:
Law for consumer protection in electronic commercial trade and etc. – Retention period: 5 years
b. Records on consumer‘s complaint or dispute resolution – Reason for retention:
Law for consumer protection in electronic commercial trade and etc. – retention period: 3 years
c. In case consented by customer: Till the consented terms
4. Procedure and method of deleting the personal information
Hotel Laonzena deletes personal information immediately after achieving the objectives of collection and utilization according to the respective terms based on the principle of timely deletion. Detailed procedure, time and method of deletion are as follows:
(1) ) Procedure: The information input for reservations are deleted after keeping for a certain period respectively depending on the internal policy and the reason of information protection according to the related laws when the objectives are achieved. Unless otherwise defined in the law, the said personal information is never used for the other purpose.
(2) Time of deletion :
a. Information on reservation inquiry and customer complaint: Will be deleted in 5 years and 3 years respectively
b. Information collected temporarily collected information for questionnaires and events: At the termination of such questioning and event
(3) How to delete:
a. Printout of personal information: Shred in the machine or incinerating
b. Electronic filed personal information: Technical deleting without possibility for reproduction possible
5. Collection of personal information through cookies
Hotel Laonzena never operates any devices of automatic creation or collecting the personal information at the use of internet service by the customer such as cookies and etc.
6. Use and provision of personal information
(1) Personal information collected from the customers is used strictly within the range notified in “2. Objectives of collection and use of personal information”, and neither utilized beyond the said scope nor transferred to any 3rd parties without consent by the customer.
(2) However, the following cases are exceptional :
a. In case of prior consent by the customers
b. In case of providing minimum information requested for the distributing company (Name, address and phone number)
c. In case of providing in type not available to identify specific person at the necessity for statistics, academic study and market survey
d. In case of rationale to open the personal information in accordance with the service use agreement of ‘Hotel Laonzena’ for legal action against the mental and material damages to other people
e. At the request of government administration through lawful procedures according to the relevant law
7. Withdrawal of consent on collection, use and provision of personal information
Customers may at any time rescind their consent on collection, use and provision of personal information. It may be made directly after identifying yourself at the homepage or customer center of Hotel Laonzena, otherwise, it will be processed immediately when you send a letter or an e-mail to the manager or clerk in charge of the personal information.
8. Technical and managerial measures for personal information protection
(1)Hotel Laonzena seeks the following technical measures against the losing, stealing, disclosing, forging and damaging on the personal information in handling the personal information of the customer. The personal information storing system controls the information against the external threats by means of the firewall and invasion detection system around the clock. This system is protected from the computer virus by means of vaccine programs which are automatically renewed.
(2) Hotel Laonzena provides the following administrative measures for handling personal information;
a. Access of the minimally authorized employees to the personal information
b. Making and keeping the in-house regulations which shall be kept for protecting the personal information during the works of the staff
c. Internal procedures are provided to prevent the disclose of personal information and to monitor the performance and compliance in advance to handle the personal information by means of the security pledging letter
d. Periodically education on the personal information protection for inspiring the mind of the staff for the personal information protection
e. The occurrences of the loss, disclose, forging and damaging on the personal information by the fault of manager and technical accident shall be informed, and proper action will be taken and compensated accordingly.
(3)) Nonetheless, Hotel Laonzena is not responsible for the occurrences from the personal fault of the customer and basic threat of internet.
9. Protection of personal information of children under 14 years of age
Hotel Laonzena does not collect or use any personal information for children under 14.
10. Complaints handling regarding personal information
(1) Contact the manager or clerk in charge of personal information in the following when it is considered that Hotel Laonzena does not keep the personal information handling policy. We will try to take the soonest action at the necessity of remedy after confirming the issues brought up.
Hotel Laonzena collects your opinion and provides procedures and methods in relation to the personal information of customer.
(2) Contact to Korea Information Security Association (KISA) when you need to report or consult for infringing the personal information. You may apply to rescue the loss to the Personal Information Dispute Arbitration Committee when you have a financial loss or mental damage from infringing of personal information.

  a. Personal Information Dispute Arbitration Committee (WWW.1336.or.kr/1336)
b. Information Protection Mark Certification Commission (www.eprivacy.or.kr/02-580-0533-4)
c. Internet Crimes Investigation Center at Grand Attorney General (icic.sppo.go.kr/02-3480-3600)
d. Police Cyber Terror Reaction Center (www.ctrc.go.kr/02-392-0330)
11. Guides to consignment of personal information handling
Hotel Laonzena consigns the personal information handling to the specialized external company.
Construction and maintenance of computer system: Sanha Information Technology and Bomnalae. Hotel Laonzena will make a notice for the change of the companies on the screen for personal information handling policy on the homepage when the said companies are changed.
12. Manager in charge of personal information
Hotel Laonzena appoints the manager for personal information in order to respond to the complaints related to personal information. Contact to the following manager/clerk when you have issues related to the personal information.
We will respond rapidly and sincerely.
▶Personal Information Manager
-Name : Yoon, Dong Jun
-Dept. : Management Administration Div.
-Position : Director
-Email : dj.yoon@poscoenc.com
-Tel : +82-(0)53-718-7050

  ▶Personal Information Administrator
-Name :Park, Hyeon jin
-Dept. : Personnel/General Affairs Team
-Position : Team Leader
-Email : hotellaonzena@nate.com
-Tel : +82-(0)53-718-7044
13. Notice of policy changes
(1) We show the personal information handling policy on the main page in website for easy- to- see of the customer.
(2) The reasons and details of the changes will be noticed through homepage before executing the changed policies when there are additions, deletions and revisions according to the changes on the legal policy or security technology.
(3) ) Make sure the changes at every visiting to the site because the details of personal information handling policies may be changed at any time.

[Supplementary provision] 1. (Performing date) This personal information policy comes into effect from March 31, 2015.